Tax advisory

Our office deals chiefly with tax advisory, i.e. providing tax advice and opinions, helping clients to settle their fiscal affairs and tax planning.


Tax opinions


We are proficient in producing legal-tax opinions.


Legal-tax opinions are a very important part of the tax advisory process. One can treat them as a kind of advice, but they are much more than that. Because of the level of sophistication of the opinions we provide they entail a whole range of information: financial solutions, future development, the risk and the financial danger concerning the client.


The opinions are often prepared in order to present them to external subjects, such as banks, offices, our clients' contractors, etc.


Tax advices


We provide our clients with an extensive range of advice and clarifications on the subject of tax law.


We provide aid in this field with the foremost intention of our clients comfort. Due to this fact you can receive legal advice and clarification:

  • directly in the office
  • during a meeting at the client's place
  • by e-mail
  • by fax
  • by traditional mail
  • by phone

Tax proceedings' service


We provide a complex service of the tax proceedings at each stage – from their commencement to the conclusion. A attorney-at-law / tax advisor will represent the Client by the power-of-attorney.


Included into the services we provide for our regular customers based on a constant support agreement is the aid with dealing with tax chambers and administrative offices, tax audit offices and other organs.


We also provide a service of representing our client in case of any kind of inspection. Granting our tax advisor the power-of-attorney will enable them to ensure a complex aid during an inspection at its every stage.


Our Office also provides legal aid in acquiring a tax ruling – preparing the application, submitting it and in this regard altogether with representation before administrative courts.


Representation before the Voivodship Administrative Court (VAC)


We provide services of drafting complaints against the decisions of the tax organs to be viewed before the VAC and our tax advisor's representation before the judge by the power-of-attorney.


Representation before the Supreme Administrative Court (SAC)


A tax advisor is also entitled to draft an appeal complaint to be viewed by the SAC. For these reasons our office not only can represent our clients before the VAC, but also can draft appeal complaints and appear before SAC.


Tax audit


A tax audit means an inspection of the client's accounting records and financial settlements in order to prove their adherence to the tax regulations. The audit is finished with an opinion containing a list of discovered irregularities and the means to solve them.


It can be said that a tax audit is a kind of an inspection initiated by the taxpayer themselves in order to acquire information about the accuracy of their decisions concerning their tax settlements. During an audit we point out the same issues that could be of interest of the inspection organs.